Different Types Of Roof Coverings In Orlando

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The roof is one of the most important structural parts of a house. It provides shelter from adverse weather conditions, and guarantee the safety and security of your loved ones. There are so many types of roof coverings used by Orlando roofers. All these roof covering materials have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Most of the roof coverings used in Orlando are chosen due to their ability to deal with the weather patterns in the area. Longevity and affordability are two important factors that should be considered when choosing a roof covering in Orlando. This article provides information on different types of roofing in Orlando.

Asphalt tiles are popular among most of the homeowners in Orlando. They come in various colors and are low cost. These tiles come with a warranty between 20-40 years. The only disadvantage of the tile is its low resistance to fire. Asphalt could be considered a fire hazard if not for the various treatments that are applied on it.

Wood tiles are another popular roofing cover in Orlando. These tiles are carved from cedar or yellow pine that has been pressure treated. Wood tiles are quite resistant to weather, but very expensive when compared to most of the other tiles. In fact, the installation costs are also quite high with wood tiles. A homeowner is guaranteed of long lasting results if he/she selects this tile.

Slate tiles are another popular choice of most homeowners in Orlando. Slate is a natural product that comes with various styles and colors. Once installed properly, slate can last indefinitely. The only disadvantage of using slate is that it is extremely heavy. The structure of your house should be sound enough to bear the weight of slate tiles. A homeowner should pay very close attention to this matter if he/she plan to install slate tiles in their homes.

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Architectural tiles are quite similar to asphalt, but are more thicker and substantial than asphalt. These tiles can be produced to resemble slate and wood tiles. Architectural tiles are a bit more expensive than asphalt tiles.

Clay tiles are one of the oldest varieties of tiles used by most homeowners in Orlando. Terracotta roof tiles are quite popular in the area due to the aesthetic appeal it provides. They are affordable and long lasting. This is why so many homeowners use this variety in their homes. Concrete tiles are lightweight and cheaper when compared to clay tiles, but it offers similar benefits to terracotta tiles. Both these varieties of tiles can withstand extreme heat, cold, high winds, fire and hails. These tiles can last for generations when maintained and cared for well.

Synthetic roof tiles are attracting the attention of homeowners since recently. They are lightweight and made to last long. They come in many colors and styles to match any home in the region. Due to their lightweight, synthetic roof tiles are a great option for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their roofs without the requirement to hire an engineer for the project. Synthetic tiles can be easily installed by anyone with a little knowledge on the subject. This is why they are so popular in the region.

Solar roof tiles are the latest technologically advanced variety of tiles. It combines the aesthetics of a tile with its ability to harness the sun’s energy. They are environmentally friendly, and rapidly growing in popularity due to this reason.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of roof coverings in Orlando. Choose the most appropriate variety of tile for your home.  Once you decide on the type , you should contact a local roofer and get a quote, Orlando Roofing | Orlando Roofers | (407)277-7675 .